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Business As Usual

I was chatting with a friend I’ve known for almost ten years now. We were talking about business. Or, I was rambling; he was listening.

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting my own business for some time now. I quit my day job two months ago to pursue it, but then doubt crept in. The what-ifs of starting something new were crippling. What if I can’t find clients? What if I’m just not good enough? What if I screw up my taxes? LLC? DBA? S-corp? What the heck are those??

He didn’t say much (mostly because I barely left an inch of space between my sentences), but then he showed me this.

“You’ve been wanting to have a business for some time.”

This. This was a membership card holder for a company I had when I was 11 or 12. Woods Road Electrical Service, named after the road I grew up on. Believe it or not, I had always wanted to be a DJ. And then an electrician. And then I got my first computer, and the rest is history.

Kid me wouldn’t let the fear of the unknown hold me back. And that is, in fact, what I admire about kids so much: fearless passion, unbounded imagination, inspiring determination. What if? No, kid me braced myself, went in with a smoking soldering iron, and fixed that door bell.

So I’m taking a cue from my younger self and going at it for real. I’m calling it Diglactic. Whether you’re a company that needs a bit of programming help, or a business that is looking for your next website, we’ll have your back. Passionate. Imaginative. Determined.